2022 Caltech Space Challenge


The Caltech Space Challenge is a 5-day prestigious event held March 21-25, 2022, in which undergraduate and graduate students from around the world are invited to come to Caltech to compete in designing a space-related mission. The theme for the next challenge is Titan Sample Return. Students will design a mission to collect, analyze, and return a sample from Titan. They will then present their work in a competitive design review to a panel of industry experts.


Students from a broad range of backgrounds are sought to apply: from engineering and science to graphic design and business/project management. More information can be found at the website: Caltech Space Challenge 2022. Applications close on November 1, 2021.


All expenses at Caltech for the event are paid, and a partial to full travel reimbursement will be issued.


Please email with any questions at


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